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Let's Talk Skin...

Let's face it, your makeup cannot be a 10 if your skincare is a 2. The key to flawless foundation and that oh so fresh glow, is a dedicated skincare regimen. If you are a skin care newb, don't freak out...we can keep it simple. For those product junkies out there (my hand is raised HIGH), make sure you've found those basics that work and save the experimenting for weekly masks and other treatments.

First and foremost, we need to ALL commit to washing your face EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED! I'm gonna scream it again just in case...WASH YOUR FACE EVERY NIGHT BEFORE BED!!!!!!!! Okay now that I got that off my chest, let's continue. If you are an avid, daily makeup wearer this is a no-brainer (dear makeupgods - I hope this is a no-brainer) but even if you are makeup free in your daily routine, you would be surprised and what comes off your face at night. Dirt, grime, oil, dust, ewwwwww. Just wash please. You do not want that seeping into your pores all night. I'm going to step off my soapbox now and move on...

After cleansing, ALWAYS MOISTURIZE! It is important to keep our skin hydrated, especially as we age. And yes, even my oily babes out there need to hydrate their skin...avoiding hydration leads to more oil production, yuck. So hydrate hydrate hydrate. Find your go to moisturizer and make it a twice daily thing, AM & PM.

Hand in hand with moisturizer, eye cream is a girls best friend! I literally cannot get enough of the stuff, I would bathe in it if I could!

One to two times weekly, you should be doing some type of exfoliation. This will keep the pores clean, slough away dead skin cells, and keep your skin looking bright! Just make sure to use a gentle harsh scrubs or beads please.

So there's the basics of good skincare! For the adventurous, there is a whole world of serums, masks, treatments, gadgets, and doodads. The skincare world is your oyster! But as long as you've got those basics covered, you have the foundation for a fresh, glow, flawless makeup look. Woot!

Some of my faves:

Dr. Lancer - I love his daily cleanser and exfoliator combo as well as his masks.

Caudalie - the Vinoperfect range in particular is amazing for brightening the skin and tracing any dark spot issues you may have.

Murad - the Vitamin C products are amaze for brightening and protecting!

True Botanicals - for good, clean skin care that hydrates and gives all around glow.

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