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Create Your Glow with Jenna Marie is a virtual Skin-sploration where we dive skin deep into all things...SKIN! We examine the current state of your skin, discuss your areas of concerns and your skin goals; and develop a custom Skin-scription complete with recommended products and a step by step routine to help you CREATE YOUR GLOW! Jenna Marie Beauty is proud to partner with Image Skin to help our clients create beautiful, glowing skin.

  • Your virtual Skin-sploration session is held via Zoom

  • Your session will last approximately 30-45min

  • You will the CREATE YOUR GLOW mini-ebook complete with recommended products, a step-by-step skincare routine, and additional tips to Create Your Glow!


(does not include cost of products)


Enhance Your Glow with Jenna Marie is a virtual 1:1 experience where we explore all things makeup! Whether you want to create a special event look, finally nail that smokey eye, develop a go-to 10 minute makeup, or are just generally overwhelmed at how to best apply your makeup...we got you covered. We customize this session to what YOU want to learn, teaching you step-by-step how to achieve your desired look. We'll also spend some time exploring your personal makeup bag and make necessary product recommendations to round out your beauty arsenal.

  • Your virtual Makeup lesson is held via zoom

  • Your session will last approximately 60-75 min

  • You will receive a replay of our zoom session as well as a recommended product list in PDF format so you can feel confident to Enhance Your Glow!


(does not include cost of any recommended products)

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A collection of carefully curated products used and recommended

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and shine like the stars do!


A collection of Elegantly Hand Crafted Hair Accessories designed to

UPSCALE YOUR GLOW turning your Dream Wedding look into a magical

Red Carpet Moment!

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